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The Black Knight

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Jul 2, 2018
Hello! First off, I want to introduce myself to the forums and extend my gratitude yet again for the great communication and advice I've received in tackling 3D printing, specifically for the Ragnell design. I hope to start the project within the next two or so days, and the intimidation that comes from getting into prop making was greatly eased because of this.

With that said, I'm super into the accuracy and design build of your Fire Emblem models, and I'd absolutely love to see more! In particular, anything like Marth's Falchion (the original/Fire Emblem Warriors version), Ephraim's Siegmund from Fire Emblem Heroes, or Ike's Ettard from Radiant Dawn would be a literal dream.

I know you aren't open for commissions or anything, but I would do whatever I could to see these models from you. For now, I shall wait and be hopeful!
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Carla Birch

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Mar 17, 2018
I do like Marth's original Falchion, so that's something i'll likely try and make.